We design bespoke websites

Sussex Technology is the trusted choice when looking for a quality web site design services, completed quickly and at an affordable price. Our innovative team of designers and developers are passionate about working with you to create quality designs that support and enhance your business. As a creative and technology focused team, we specialise in the design and development of all Marketing Collateral to successfully communicate your Brand and effectively project your professional objective to the world. We have worked with a large range of clients; from the small sole trader to large corporations. Our collaborative approach allows us to understand your goals and objectives which provides you with the peace of mind of knowing what is happening each step of the way.


Responsive Design

Our our website are responsive. A Responsive website is one which has a flexible layout which will respond based on the device used to view the site (from smartphones to tablets to computers). The advantage is an optimised user experience on all devices. A mobile friendly website will also be given preference in Google rankings when a user is searching on a mobile device.

Social Media Integration

We can offer advice, integration and setup for social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. By having a brand setup for social networks, you are provided with the opportunity to build a stronger relationship with your customers.